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  • P&R SHEETMETAL PTY.LTD specialize in the manufacture and supply of Sheetmetal components to customer's specifications and drawings.
  • It is the Policy of the company to provide our customers with Quality Products, which meet all expectations and where possible within tight time lines.
  • It is also company Policy to develop and maintain a strong working partnership with all our customers for a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • It is our Policy to use suppliers wherever possible who are certified to an acceptable international standard.
  • It is the desire of management to work in partnership with each approved supplier to ensure all products and services meet agreed specifications.
  • Implicit in this Policy Statements our emphasis on continuous improvement, which includes an objective to surpass industry standards relative to rejects.
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement will further establish our company as a leader in our industry.
  • This Policy requires disciplined commitment, skill, expertise and co-operation of all Employee's of the company for its realization and maintenance.
  • The Directors in their commitment to this Policy undertake to provide the appropriate technologies, training, and other resources as required.
  • As an integral part of overall management, the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 provides the model for our Quality Management System.
  • This System will be certified and maintained. It is our Policy to encourage safe work practices, quality planning, good house keeping and equipment maintenance at all times.
  • Effectively utilizing this Policy as part of our development strategy the company is confident of expanding its core business.
  • The above Policies are further developed in our Quality Manual and related Procedures.This Quality Policy Statement shall be reviewed annually.

Increase turnover and improve profitability. This will be achieved by:

  • Maintaining a disciplined approach to our customers needs
  • The delivery of Quality Products in a timely manner
  • Utilizing our Quality System as the basis for continual improvement
  • Providing all necessary resources to meet contract obligations
  • Best practice production techniques
  • Staff training, development and recognition
  • Target marketing
  • Regular review of corporate policies and objectives
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