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    Our whole business has been built around quality. We have acquired equipment and designed processes that ensure our team delivers the highest quality end product. Our sales staff can provide expert advice on how best to manufacture your products efficiently and cost effectively.


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  • Established in 1977, The Shotton Group has been involved in the Design and manufacture of passenger lift components for 32 years.


    We pride ourselves in providing cost effective customer oriented vertical transport solutions to the diverse market including Passenger, Disabled, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets.

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Body Store / Mortuary Racking




Body Storage / Mortuary Racking


The ParMED range of Stainless Steel Racking is unique in it ease of usability and functionality, while having proven to stand the test of time. Some of the advantages of this type of system are:


  • Stainless Steel Tube construction for durability in extreme conditions
  • Stub Nylon Rollers that provide extremely smooth operation, while facilitating easy access for cleaning of the area
  • Customisable Tier Heights
  • Can be built to accomodate varying size Trays
  • Light weight and easy to install




Coffin Racking





Coffin Racking


Our coffin racking provides for an optimum use of storage space available. Some key features are:


  • Stainless Steel Tube construction for durability.
  • Full length Nylon Rollers that provide extremely smooth operation.
  • Customisable Tier Heights and Widths
  • Light weight and easy to install


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