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Our products come with some key OH&S Benefits that are unique or have been perfected over the years with feedback from users all over Australia and New Zealand. Some of these features are:


  • Unique self propelling drive on our Tray Lifters. Why break your back manually pushing heavy loads around? Now, moving heavy loads around vast corridors or ramps is as easy as pressing a lever.

  • Our Tray retraction system automatically pushes the Body tray in or out of the racking system. This ensures that the operators do not have to over reach and thus chance harming themselves, especially at heights. This also enables cool room space that otherwise would not have been utilised, can be safely accessed, ensuring optimum efficiency in storage costs.

  • One Tray system, greatly reduces the need for repeated Body handling. The same tray travels through the process - racking, Lifter, PM stations, Embalming, and even viewing room negating the need for constant tranfer from one station to the other

  • Our range of downdraught and ventilated  dissection / embalming benches ensures that contaminated air is efficiently ventilated away from the user

  • We can provide a design service that heavily borrows on our previous expieriences in laying out a clean efficient plan. Our designs just work! - for all users.

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