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CoverCool™ “the solution for cooling the deceased”


Covercool Mini





Cooling a body on a tableFlexmort’s innovative Covercool™ Mini mortuary cooling system has been described by users as “the solution for cooling the deceased”. CoverCool™ revolutionises cooling and allows you to cool and store bodies anywhere without the need for cold rooms, air conditioners or mortuary fridges. CoverCool™ consists of a small cooling unit which circulates fluid through a cooling pad which is placed on top of the body.

Deceased ooling in a bedTested in University Medical facilities and used by hospices, funeral directors and hospitals, the CoverCool™ Mini cooling system can cool a deceased infant, child, or adult on a bed, trolley, in a coffin (as shown). Flexmort’s insulated cover can simply be placed over the deceased providing longer term single body storage. CoverCool™ cools the body without the need for traditional purpose built refrigeration or cold rooms. Furthermore, unlike refrigerated beds or coffin coolers it is extremely light, portable, flexible and does not ice. Furthermore, unlike mortuary refrigerators,CoverCool HC170 CoverCool is only switched on when required.

CoverCool PortableApproximate dimensions of the cooling unit are: length 36cm, (14”) x width 23cm (9”) x height 33cm (13”) and gross weight 11kg. An optional blue storage case with telescopic handle is available.Check out what our customers say at the bottom of this page as well as a video.


Sometimes families wish to sit with the deceased on a ward or in the Chapel of Rest, sometimes there are delays in bringing bodies to the mortuary. The Covercool system allows bodies to be cooled whilst in bed thereby preserving their appearance, condition and dignity. View the case study for Watford General Hospital.

Deceased cooling in a bed
Hospices and at home

Some families wish to spend time with their loved ones either at home or in the hospice, rather than at a Funeral Home. Covercool can be used to turn any bed into a refrigerated bed and allows bodies to be cooled whilst in bed thereby preserving their appearance, condition and dignity. NHS 2011 Palliative Guidance states that cooling of the deceased should begin within 2-4hrs of death. Historically, this has meant transfer to the mortuary or the use of a Cold Room (where grieving is an unpleasant experience for parents). This guidance recognises the use of the Flexmort Cold Blanket system as an effective alternative. Flexmort also features on the ehospice website as well as in The Natural Death Society Magazine (pp 16-21) where a family decided to arrange their own funeral.
Coffin (Cutout) with Unit



Funeral Directors

The Covercool Mini 170 system allows funeral directors to cool a body in a coffin or on a trolley, ideal for sites without the space or need for purpose built refrigeration. Unlike coffin coolers the Covercool system will not ice and because it is fully flexible it can be also used to make a refrigerated bed.

  • CoverCool™ is perfect for satellite branches or smaller funeral homes
  • CoverCool™ provides families an opportunity to spend time with their loved one without having to cool the whole room
  • CoverCool™ can also be used in a vehicle to cool the deceased during transportation

 CoverCool Mini


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