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Cold Cot

Flexmort Covercool Cuddle Cot



Covercool Cuddle Cot


Dealing with the death of a baby is an incredibly difficult time for parents and many bereaved parents wish to spend some time with the baby. The Covercool Cuddle Cot is used to cool deceased neonatals allowing the family time to spend time with the baby whilst the baby is kept cool. It is internationally recognised that parents should be provided with the choice to spend time with their deceased baby and International Position statements/guidance highlight this.


The benefits of using the Flexmort Cuddle Cot system are widely accepted by bereavement practitioners across the globe and the system is in widespread use across UK maternity departments and children's hospices. SANDS have also purchased numerous systems for hospitals with the assistance of fundraisers, e.g. the Lily Mae Foundation.  Australian customers include also include hospitals and charities like MumsLikeMe


Product details


Cold Cot
Cold Cot



Flexmort's Cuddle Cot is small, light and quiet and is designed for use with deceased babies in any moses basket or cot. It can easily be carried in one hand and so can easily be used at home for parents as well as for use within the hospital maternity department. It also provides an additional cooling product for Funeral Directors to enhance their services and was developed with input from SANDS (Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity), bereaved parents and maternity departments.  



NHS Guidance (UK)

NHS 2011 Palliative Guidance states that cooling of the deceased should begin within 2-4hrs of death (smaller babies will require quicker cooling as deteriorate much faster). Historically, this has meant transfer to the mortuary or the use of a Cold Room (grieving in a Cold Room is an unpleasant experience for parents). This guidance now recognises the use of the Flexmort Cold Blanket system as an effective alternative than traditional cold rooms or mortuary fridges


The Cuddle Cot features on Australian TV (Channel 9) news .



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